Charlie is a 25-year-old photographer based in Berkshire. Having studied photography since GSCE and followed it through to Diploma level, then dabbling in the world of media production at Ravensbourne University, Charlie continued to earn money through portraits, weddings, nightclubs, schools, and now property. After working full-time as a photographer over the last 4 years, 3 of those being predominately in the property sector, he is confident in saying that photography is a passion and career that he wishes to pursue for the rest of his life. Ever since first owning a camera at the age of 14, Charlie has felt like photography has been the perfect outlet for him to express, relax, grow and earn from. 

He is a strong believer that his knowledge and skill as a photographer will never stop growing, always looking for new ways to learn and develop. Complacency does not seem to be in Charlie's vocabulary, as he will always find ways to improve and adapt his work accordingly. Any time that Charlie has that isn't working, he keeps himself occupied by traveling, gaming (be that virtual or board), and spending time with family and friends. Although even then it is hard to find Charlie without his camera nearby!

Anything you need that needs to be professionally photographed, whether it be a property going on sale or to let, a portrait shoot to update your professional profile, or an event that needs to be documented, Charlie is the guy to go to. Just get in touch and Charlie can begin capturing those important moments to help you showcase subjects in the best possible way.
To get to know Charlie a bit more you can check out his socials below.
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